It is said that a nation that does not honour its heroes, is not worth dying for.

Similarly, we can say that a church that does not honour its heroes, is not worth dying for.

Fortunately, Church Universal and Triumphant of Ghana honoured its hero, in the person of Rev. Paul Kwame Kyei, on 5 April 2015 during the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Ghana Church.


He joined Church Universal and Triumphant in October 1972.

At the prompting of the Ascended Master, El Morya, the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, popularly referred to as Guru Ma or Mother, ordained him Lay Minister of the Church in his home in Kumasi during her second visit to Ghana in September 1976 from the United States of America (USA).

He affirmed that he trusted the Master Jesus, and gave himself to Him and He in turn embraced him and directed his footstep as he went about fulfilling his mission—his ascension and the growth and expansion of the Church, particularly in Africa.

In 1981, after completing his course at Summit University in ‘Camelot’, Los Angeles, California, USA and having been ordained at inner levels by El Morya, he was tasked by the Messenger to take charge of the Church in Ghana—a charge so wonderfully and assiduously performed these thirty-four years leaving his comfortable home and family in Kumasi and staying in Accra most of the time.

Stumping the major cities of his home country, Ghana, some cities in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Congo Brazzaville and South Africa was one way he used in disseminating the Ascended Masters’ teachings as released by the Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

To the congregants in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa he gave in-depth teachings that kept and grew their faith in God and the Masters.

He adequately represented the Ascended Masters on the airwaves in the above-mentioned countries. In Ghana, he will always be remembered by his contributions during programmes such as ‘Contemplation’, ‘About Life’ and ‘Keys to the Kingdom’.

His directorship of the Ghana Church ended in 1998, but the Church could not dispense of his invaluable services and therefore he was appointed Elder Minister, the first in the history of the Church in Ghana.

The leadership at the Church Headquarters in Montana (USA) followed his exploits in the Land of Afra with keen interest and consequently formally acknowledged his effort in promoting the teachings of the Masters on the continent by making him the Africa Regional Minister in July 2001. This office gave him the opportunity to sit in Council at the Headquarters with other Elders of the Church (2004-2010) to determine the fate of the organization.


He was one of the most senior ministers of the church. Coupling this seniority with his resourcefulness, he inevitably became a consultant, advisor and counselor to the Church leadership.

The Church cannot grow and expand without proper succession planning. To actualize this concept, he initiated and fought for the coming into being of the Africa Ministerial Training Program that produced seven (7) ordained ministers for Ghana, four (4) for Nigeria and one (1) for South Africa.

Serving on the ‘WHITE RAY’, he was a disciplinarian of the first order—an attribute not easily appreciated by some souls he ministered unto. Their attitude, however, did not deter him from doggedly following his principles.

The Masters teach that the goal of life is to immortalize the soul in the ritual of the ASCENSION. The ascension takes place in heaven depending on one’s work in the footstool kingdom. How gladdening it is to know that as he pursued the ‘crown of righteousness’, he immortalized his life in this embodiment by producing the book titles “FROM THE DARKNESS TO THE LIGHT!”

The Ghana Church has existed for half a century and he was part of it since 23rd October 1972. That means for forty-three good years, he willingly and devotedly contributed his quota to the survival of the Church in Africa.

On the Resurrection Day, 5th April 2015, the President, the Board of Trustees and the entire Congregation of the Church Universal and Triumphant of Ghana, presented to him a citation which turns out to be the church’s tribute to him, as our token appreciation of his meritorious service to the ‘Trinity’—God, the Masters and humankind.


On the 30th august 2015, Bishop Paul K. Kyei was called to eternity. His cremation will take place at the Lashibi Funeral Homes, Lashibi, Ghana.


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