How to Memorize Math and Physics Formulas

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  1. Memorize Math and Physics Formulas Step 1.jpgRelax. Math and Physics problems are not meant to be studied under stress. Relax your mind. By doing this, you will be able to focus more on your task.
  2. Minimize your reference checks. Many people think that once they take a glance at a formula, it is in their mind, but when they wake up the next day, they are shocked to realize that the formula leaked out during the night. This is why it is a good idea to practice solving a problem with the formula without looking it up. You must do this as many times as you can. Repetition leads to Memorization.
  3. Memorize Math and Physics Formulas Step 3.jpgAnalyze the Units. Put the raw units of each variable into the formula and see if you can get the units of the answMemorize Math and Physics Formulas Step 4.jpg
  4. Understand How the Formula is structured. You already have a decent gut feeling about the concept. Make sense of the formula. For instance, a = F / m. F is on the top of the fraction. That makes sense, since if you exert more force on an object, it will speed up more quickly. Mass is on the bottom of the fraction, since more mass means more inertia, making the object more difficult to accelerate. The opposite formula (a = m / F) does not make sense. Using this incorrect formula, a strong force (large number on the bottom of the fraction) would cause a smaller acceleration, which does not make senseMemorize Math and Physics Formulas Step 5.jpg
  5. Satisfaction. Do you ever study while you are hungry or thirsty? How does it feel? You always feel reluctant to focus because you are in a rush to go grab some pizza. If you start to feel hungry or thirsty, quit studying those formulas and satisfy yourself with some food or drink.Memorize Math and Physics Formulas Step 6.jpg
  6. Take them with you. Find a small book and put down all those formulas. Keep the book at your back pocket and try to review them anytime you feel like you are missing something. This will bring back the memories of what you have learned, making those jaw-breaking formulas stick into your mind forever.