Implementing Mobile Learning in Ghana

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Traffic congestion may be defined as having more vehicles on the road than it was designed for (Baffour R., 2010). In his article entitled “Managing Traffic Congestion in Accra by overhauling the Signal Timing Procedures” Dr. Robert A. Baffour gave a grade of F to vehicular traffic during the morning and the evening rush hours in Accra. According to the article, it appears the roadway network is woefully inadequate, the traffic control devices are completely archaic, and the driving public is mostly ignorant of traffic rules. The roadway geometry and the roadway networks in Accra make it doubtful if Accra has a Travel Demand Forecasting Model that helps with the planning of the traffic situation in Accra (Baffour, R., 2010).

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How to Memorize Math and Physics Formulas
Have you ever stayed up all night just to try to memorize formulas for your math? no. Or do you memorize a set of formulas today and forget all about them tomorrow? It seems to me that these formulas keep pulling you back to your old books instead of moving on.

Introduction to Embedded Systems

The Common Denominator of ICT

I want us to begin understanding this from the very already established day to day living. It is true that some people begin to wonder where they belong in this world immediately you begin to talk about ICT. The question is, should it really be so? Let us look at it this way. The entire universe is about communication which is simply a give and take affair - ask and receive, seek and find, knock and be opened unto. Just as simple as that!

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